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  Wed, June 12 2024

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>> What's the Buzz?
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For only Php 5/day, You will have your very own Domain Name, a website, and your personalized name@yourdomain.com email address !!!

Not only that, your hosting plan includes a pre-installed
Guestbook, Blogger, PHPNuke, PostNuke, and forums like PhpBB & SMF and a lot more. You will be using CPanel - webs most famous control panel for website administration.

Choose from the different plans we offer. When you order, you will have
14 days money back GUARANTEE.

So what are you waiting for? Don't settle for long web address and offering you free website but full of annoying Advertisements.

Go ahead, get your own dotCom website and email address and you will be famous.


Network of Known internet Addicts Hosting Solutions ( N.o.K.i.A.HOST )

>> Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested, How will I pay you?

We've been looking for ways to make payments more convenient and will lessen the extra fees like deposit fee, transaction fee, etc...

There are several ways you can pay

BANK DEPOSITS - Online/Offline payments thru bank

Online Payment
- fund transfer via internet
  *If you have BANCNET member bank account.
    1. Go to Bancnet website http://www.bancnetonline.com
        and Fund Transfer your payment.
    2. Select "Banking Transactions"
    3. Follow the instructions and fund transfer your payment
       to our ChinaBank account.

   *If you have a BPI account, You can fund transfer your payment online
    thru their website http://www.bpiexpressonline.com with our BPI bank account.

Dont forget to inform us thru email  that you have fund transfer the payment with this amount, bank, date/time.

Offline Payment
- fund transfer via atm machines
- deposit personally thru banks listed below

SA # 21xx-xxxx-xx
(Please ask)


SA # 01-04x-xx-xxxx-x
(Please ask)

Dont forget to inform us thru email  that you have deposited the payment with this amount, bank, date/time.

How will NoKiAHOST knows that we are the one that deposits the money and not somebody else?

After deposit/payment is made, you have to inform us thru email  that you have deposited the payment with this amount, bank name, date/time.

How much will I pay?

If you order the standard hosting plan, you will only pay an equivalent to 5 Pesos per day or 150 pesos per month. That’s less than the cost of your regular cellphone load or one lunch to Jollibee. The 5 pesos per day includes your domain name, email addresses using your own domain name and many other features. A minimum of 1 year is required to get a free domain name.

After payment, Make sure to inform us. We will process your order(register your domain and setup your account), your site will be online within 8-24 hours.

Do you have setup fees?

No, None, Nada. We dont have setup fees. Setup is FREE!

Are there any other charges?

There are no hidden charges (except for bank deposit fees which range from P20 to P100 depending on the banks and "pamasahe" going to the bank).

I already have an existing domain, I want to host with you, What will I do?

Simply point the name servers of your domain to our name server which will be given after your account has been processed.

How can I access my email via the web?

There are 2 ways you can access your email via the web. One is thru your CPanel ( www.yourdomain.com/cpanel ) and the second is by typing  ( www.yourdomain.com/webmail ) in your web browser. Make sure that you type your full email address in the username box to be able to login.

How can I access my email via the Outlook Express or Eudora Mail Express?

In your Outlook or Eudora Mail express, create a new mail account and enter the following settings

POP3 Mail Server: mail.yourdomain.com
SMTP Server: mail.yourdomain.com
IMAP: mail.yourdomain.com

What is a domain name?

Domain name is the address used in the Internet. Example of a domain names are Yahoo.com and Gensancity.com, You or your business will have his own domain name, say for example YourName.com, your website is accessible in the Internet by typing http://www.YourName.com

What type of domain is bundled as FREE in your hosting?

Only Global Top Level Domains (gTLD) such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .name can be bundled as free together with the hosting

Any other domains will be charge according the the registration price of the domain.

I only want a domain name (no hosting), can you register for me?

No problem. We can register a domain for you at a minimal fee of P600/year for Top Level Domains such as .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .name.

For Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) like Philippine domains .ph, .com.ph, .net.ph, .org.ph domain registration cost USD$34/year

and for other country code top level domains, please email us for the price

Why is your web hosting very affordable?

"Less expenditures = Affordable Prices" We don’t pay for the rent of a physical office space, We don’t have that expensive chairs, furnitures and other non essential things. You are paying us for the technical knowledge that we render to you, domain name, disk space and bandwidth which we purchase in bulk/wholesale. In return, we gave you the most affordable web hosting service. As much as possible we are avoiding unnecessary charges which will be a burden and pass-on to customers. We would rather put the money into our servers to make it more reliable than to the "non essential" things. Our mission is to offer the best, the most reliable and most affordable web hosting service in the industry.

Is your server fast and reliable?

Good question! Our server and data center is located in Atlanta, United States, Our datacenter is located in one of the 2 main vaults in Atlanta - with access to all the major fiber and IP backbones and the highest quality of power and security. Our network has a minimum Internet backbone connection of 1 Gig pipes. We currently have 4 backbones accessed in Atlanta with major companies like Abovenet, Williams, Aleron and Allegiance. So, technically speaking your website is stored in the US which makes your website very fast and reliable. As fast and reliable as other US based websites.

Can I use my domain for other purposes?

Definitely YES! You can do whatever you want to your domain, web space and email addresses. You can use it for your business, for your organization, for your family.

We have an existing web page, Can we use your service?

YES! In fact we are encouraging our customers to personally create their own web page. This will make their site more suited to their needs. Anyway creating website is just as easy as typing in Microsoft Word.

What do you mean by basic website design?

Basic website design consist of a simple web page with company logo, company profiles like contact details, history of the company, about the company. If you want to have a more professional looking website with Macromedia flash animations and more graphics, we can create one for you. Just email us for more details.

Do you offer trials?

Yes, so that you will have time to test our service. We are offering 14 days Money Back Guarantee on all plans. except for the domain registrations which cost Php600

How long will my orders be processed?

Once we received your order, we will send you a confirmation email regarding your order and instructions on where to pay. Once we received your payment we will immediately register your domain, process and setup your account. This would take about less than 12 hours.

How long will it take before i can access my website?

Normally, from the time of pointing the name server to our DNS server. It will take less than 20 hours. This is the time needed for the  propagation of your new domain to all DNS servers in the Internet.

What applications can I install in my account ?

There are many pre-installed applications in your account which is useful. Examples of these are PHP-Nuke, B2, PhpBB, Guestbook and a lot more. You can install this using Fantastico found in your cpanel. However take note of your disk space. Some applications takes a lot of space, for example PHP-Nuke takes about 14MB of space alone.

What will happen if I exceeded my bandwidth data transfer?

if your site exceeds the allowable monthly bandwidth data transfer. Your site will be automatically suspended. However if you want to have it open, email us and we will just bill you the extra bandwidth you consumed for the month. We charge an additional Php100 for every 1000MB of data transfer.

Are there any restrictions as to what applications I can install in my account?

Examples of applications that are not allowed are the following: Ikonboard, UltimateBBS, Proxy scripts, Anonymizer, IRC scripts, P2P or BitTorrent applications and other resource intensive applications. Also we do not allow pornographic sites or materials in your account.

Do you have a Service Agreement?

Yes, Please read our Service Agreement

Can I upgrade my hosting plan?

You can upgrade anytime you want, with NO EXTRA charge whatsoever. We'll just charge you the price difference the following month.

Do you offer custom hosting plans?

Yes we are, just send us an email of your requirements and we'll give you a quote how much it will cost.

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